We are glad you are here! This webpage will serve as the central hub for resources and links to our online worship gatherings, small groups, and resources for you to practice at home. Check back as we continue to grow this space and continue to stay connected through worship, prayer, and service to our community.

 Join in Worship at 10:30

 Join us in worship via Zoom this Sunday! The stream will start at 10:15, and the service at 10:30
All you need is an internet capable device (like the one you are on right now!) and this link for Sunday March 29:
We also recommend that you take a moment to set your space, and prepare with a Bible, a notepad, a candle (if you have one), and if you are joining us on Zoom, bread and a beverage for communion.
You can also find us via a livestream on our Facebook page, although the experience will not be as interactive.

 Prayers & Gifts


Worship Materials for this Week

First Testament Reading: Ezekiel 37:1-17
New Testament Reading: Galatians 1:15-17

Gospel Reading: Matthew 4: 1-11

Prayer for this week by Anne Osdieck:
Holy Spirit, take us to the desert.
Speak straight to our hearts.
Help us fast with Jesus.
Smooth out our rough souls.
Give us spiritual quiet,
a quick and ready faith.


God, our only nourishment, our energy,
we want to come out, like Jesus,
charged with yourself.
Let this be.

(Contact Pastor Nico to have these printed)

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